Online Logo maker generator vs. Professional logo designer

Online Logo maker generator vs. Professional logo designer

When it comes to the designing of logo, lot of emphasis is put because of two reasons. Number one it creates a brand image for your business. Number two; it is brand image that will help to attract the customers in future.

There are two methods of designing the logo, either through designing the symbol in logo maker generator/logo designing website or hire the professional logo designer. Both of these methods have perks and drawbacks.

Benefits of using online logo maker generator:
1. it is user friendly. Even if you are not good at computers, it can used by anyone.

    1. It is cheap. No additional costs are incurred.
    2. . Other topics that you can check in:
    3. It is quick. You can get design within minutes.Drawbacks of using online logo maker generator:
      1. Despite the customisation, there are chances that logo might have been copied from original source.2. It lacks imagination. The point of logo should not only be originality but also its distinctiveness as well.3. There is also an issue of copyright. When you are done with logo designing, its needs to be register under a trademark before it can be copied.The second method is by hiring the professional logo designer. Again it also comes with advantages and disadvantages as well.

      Advantages of hiring the professional logo designer:

      1. since they are professional, they don’t require any training to enhance their skills.

      2. You can request them to design the logo according to your own liking. So customization can be obtained here as well.

      3. There is originality. This point means that even though there are fast thinking computers, .human mind can go beyond limitation when it comes to imagination and thinking. A designer may come up with design which has never been seen before. Also they can make use of their knowledge and experience when drawing the logo.

      Disadvantages of hiring the professional logo designer:

      1. they are costly to hire. Small businesses cannot afford to hire them due to tight budget.

      2. You can’t pressurize them to design your logo at short span of time. By pressuring them you will either cause panic or lead them to perform their task poorly. Which is why, time is needed even it is whole month.

      Either way, both methods have bright and dark sides. Most start up businesses makes the use of online logo maker generator. Later on when their venture’s financial stability has improved, they hire the professional logo designer.